Your money is spent in the local market!  We are locally owned and operated. Your money stays in this market benefiting other businesses in the Metrolina area. Consider these aspects of why you should chose Carolina Trade Exchange:



Customer service:

Personalized customer service – Local.  If you have problems with your membership – call our office directly and get an immediate response.


Carolina Trade Exchange reflects its Members.  Our Members drive our growth.

Small Business:

Carolina Trade Exchange reflects our membership.  We are an independent entrepreneurial company.  CTE can recognize the special needs of our clients and will work diligently to provide that high quality of local service.

Commission Structure:

Most trade exchanges charge a commission the moment you earn a trade dollar. We do not

Most trade exchanges in Charlotte charge members to accept and to use trade.  We do not.

CTE offers a 45 day float time on trade commissions.

Completely Focused on Trade:

We are 100% focused, simply and solely, on our Trade Exchange and our members.  This is our mission – and we have no other business interests.  We have a local office you can visit at any time.  We are proud to call Charlotte home and look forward to meeting with you in our offices – or yours!  Our focus is building the best trade exchange in Metrolina and our awards and recognition seem to support our philosophy!


Carolina Trade Exchange, LLC. is focused on the Metrolina Region. We want to support the local economy and our local businesses!  We also have the connections and reach to assist our Members nationwide and internationally.

A Balanced Membership:

Are you worried about not getting enough work from barter or getting too much trade?   With CTE those concerns evaporate.  Consider the following items:

1.  CTE is highly selective about the numbers and types of businesses we qualify to join our trade exchange.

2. This selective process ensures all our members have an equal opportunity for success.

3.  We will periodically review your account and your business and offer suggestions of how to maximize your Membership.

4.  CTE will proactively market your company across all facets of our Membership – as well as nationally through our NATE Membership.  No other exchange can do this like CTE !

Simply put, our members succeed!  While other trade exchanges become diluted and oversaturated – Carolina Trade has gone to great lengths to insure this will not happen to our membership. We encourage you to ask our Members for yourself !

Members are encouraged to actively trade:

Many barter companies allow their members to “go on hold” when they feel their balance is too large. This can create a touchy situation in many aspects and forms. CTE members are not allowed to become inactive. This active trade environment keeps the playing field level and allows all members to fully enjoy the benefits of membership.