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Find out how Carolina Trade Exchange can help your Restaurant increase business and keep Customers coming back…

As a restaurant entrepreneur you know the challenge of running on a tight budget and maintaining the quality standards your customers deserve and you demand. You have noticed the effect the economy has taken on your business. Would you like to turn some of each nights’ empty tables into revenue? With membership in Carolina Trade Exchange, you now have a way to accomplish that goal. Start to trade your deep dish pizza, grilled chicken, or sushi for the services you NEED like printing, plumbing, and advertising along with the services you WANT like dental work, vacations, and car repair.  Keep your servers happy with our Guaranteed Gratuity on both dine in and take out orders! How does getting full value for your services plus gratuities compare to the Groupon and Living Social offerings?  In addition – CTE provides a customized training program tailored for your employee’s so they understand and get can excited about the Benefits of Membership. We will come to your restaurant and instruct your servers on how to best participate in the program to maximize the impact.  Happy servers equal happy customers! Start increasing productivity, moving excess capacity, gaining new clients and increasing your cash flow while cutting costs.  What could be better ??

Your membership in Carolina Trade Exchange will expose you to other CTE members who can use their trade dollars as employee incentives and client gifts expanding your reach to a new group of diners to experience your restaurant and become regular and frequent patrons.They will more than likely bring along friends who have never been to your restaurant and will become new cash customers!  Here’s how it works:

  • Certificates are printed in denominations of $5, $10, and $20
  • Sales tax and tip are left in cash saving the credit card processing fees
  • Use trade dollars for menu printing, carpet cleaning, kitchen vent hood cleaning, and more
  • Reward your staff and best customers using trade dollars
  • Trade tables to help on slow days or evenings and increase revenue
  • Gratuities Guaranteed to your servers – both on dine in & take out orders